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SHG Workshop

“Excellence Dhyas Foundation” and “ICICI Bank” has collaborated and come together to strengthen the “Self Help Promotion Initiative (SHPI) in Maharashtra.

To initiate this collaborative support of “Excellence Dhyas Foundation” and “ICICI Bank” for Self Help Groups in Maharashtra the first “SHG Workshop” was organized in Amravati on 12th Aug. 2015. Ajinkya Krida v Gramvikas Bahuddeshiya Mandal was supported the workshop as “Co-Organizer”.

Around 69 memebers of “Self Help Group” from Bhatkuli taluka, Chandur Bajar Taluka, Chandu Railway Taluka, Nandgaon Kedeshwar Taluka, Dhaman Gaon Taluka, Amravati Taluka and around the city participated with great enthusiasm.

Mr. Amit Shinde, Regional Head Sales, Amravati Region, Maharashtra oriented participants about the following points –

  1. Why women should form a SHG Group ?
  2. Why should they open an Saving Account in the bank ?
  3. Advantages of SHG’s ?
  4. Why should they conduct meeting regularly ?
  5. Why they should do a regular savings ?
  6. Why they should maintain all the records regularly and How ?
  7. Why should they do a internal Lending.
  8. Why they should take a loan and how they should invest ?
  9. Whey should tie up with any SHPI ?

After that the representative from USHA Company, Mr. Vishesh A. Tajne, Sewing School Officer briefed about the USHA Companies initiatives for Self Help Group members.

After Lunch, Prof. Dr. Chitra Rajuskar, Karve Shikshan Sansthan, Pune gave a inspiring session on communication skills and empowering the SHG Groups in Amravati.

At the end of the session Mrs. Pragya Soni, Sr. Program Manager oriented the participants about the Marketing skills. She explained the “4 Ps” of Marketing Matrix so that members of Self Help Group can imply these tips in their business and grow their earning. The workshop was ended with the inspirative speech of Chief Guest of the Works, Mr. K. D. Bhil, Retired Principle,  Jila Parishad School.