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A step towards mission: "Clean India"

Indians gained freedom under the leadership of Gandhi ji, but his dream of a clean India is still unfulfilled. . It is essential for everyone to learn about cleanliness, hygiene, sanitation and the various diseases that are caused due to poor hygienic conditions. The habits learnt at a young age get embedded into one's personality.
Children studying in Government schools mostly belong to marginalized communities and living in slum areas. Children get very rare opportunity to know about the cleanliness from their parents. Also the said subject has not been included in the curriculum of the schools.
Keeping this fact in mind, Excellence Dhyas Foundation organized a “Drawing Competition” on the theme Clean India in "Indira Gandhi Primary School, Aundh". The purpose of the competition was to help the school authorities to know the knowledge level of the children about the cleanliness so that they can take the necessary steps to make them aware about making our environment clean and healthy.
Children made wonderful drawings and sketches on the basis of their observation on the cleanliness initiatives around the city.
It gives the school and "Excellence Dhyas Foundation" immense pleasure and satisfaction that children are aware about making our city clean. With the help of our young leaders we will certainly achieve our “Clean India Mission” by 2019.