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  • 3rd Floor, Vasundhara Space, Aundh Pune,Maharashtra,India.
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"Tamsomaya Jyotirgmaya" a sanskrit phrase. Its meaning is to lead from darkness towards light.

Following this phrase "Excellence Dhyas Foundation" is trying to bring lights in the lives of tribal community who are deprived of the facility of electricity.

In Ratnagiri district, Adivasi Katkari (rain) and Dhangar (shepherd - NT) communities are inhabitants of Sahyadri mountain Ranges. These communities are still deprived of access to basic amenities and infrastructures e.g. clean water, shelter, roads, electricity, education, health care and gainful employment.

Dalvatne Rajawadi (Katkari - ST) community lives near to block place but is still deprived of electricity. Kalkavne Khalipawadi (Dhangar (Shepherd) (NT) community which is settled mostly on top of the hills in Sahyadri mountain ranges and Ovali Dhamnadi (Dhangar (Shepherd) (NT) community which is also is settled at the top of the hill arrives after crossing the river of Ovali village.

Excellence Dhyas Foundation with the support of Dishanter NGO distributed 50 "Solar Lantens" on 30th and 31st March 2015 in all these communities. People in these communities are very active and want their children to educate. Dishanter is striving hard to uplift the people in these communities. Community people discussed their issues and shared their challenges. Excellence Dhyas Foundation's representative and Program Manager Mrs. Pragya Soni assured to give them the much needed support to bring them in the mainstream of the society.