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  • 3rd Floor, Vasundhara Space, Aundh Pune,Maharashtra,India.
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“World Environment Day”

World Environment Day, 5 June, is a day to celebrate the environment and take global action – everyone’s participation counts!

We celebrate this day to create awareness about the environment sustainability in different ways. Excellence Dhyas Foundation celebrated “World Environment Day” with “Idea Foundation” on 05 June in “Kalyani Nagar” slums to educate the children about the importance of the environmental sustainability and its cleanliness.

Painting competition is organized for the children on the theme “How to protect our environment?”Also children also participated in the cleanliness drive. Approximately 50 children had participated in the activities with awesome energy and passion. Only one spark is enough to burn the fire inside these children. They are the future of the country and “Excellence Group” have taken oath to support for making our nation CLEAN and GREEN.